Editor’s Selection of Paul and Joe Sister’s Summer Dresses

Dresses are one piece of clothing that never goes out of style. They are effortless ensembles thatcharm their way through, making themselves stand out always! Paul and Joe Sister had someimpeccable picks when it comes to Dresses. You name it and they have it!Presenting a fashion favorite list of all the beauties from the house […]

How to Host a Great Housewarming Party

  So you have finally finished the long and strenuous move into your new house. It was a tough project, but you and your family could not be happier moved into a new home. Your family is excited, although tired, and you can all finally enjoy being fully moved into your new house. One of […]

Antioxidants and the Body’s Natural Response

Antioxidants Antioxidants are substances that protect against one kind of everyday damage. Antioxidants include vitamins like Vitamins E and C, minerals like selenium, and plant molecules like Beta-carotene. Flavonoids, another plant molecule, were mentioned to have antioxidant type effects in recent months. The vitamins, minerals, and B-carotene were in clinical trials to see if they […]

The Different Wedding Photography Styles You Can Choose From

Just like picking a venue or color, choosing photography styles is a matter of personal preference and taste. As a matter of fact, before you settle on a particular photographer, you first of all need to do a self-assessment so as to decide the wedding photography style that you want. Once you get the style, […]

4 Fashion Designer Career Tips for Recent Grads

Becoming a fashion designer is no easy feat, but if you received the right education and have a very intelligent aesthetic, you are very likely to succeed. That’s because having a long and fruitful career in the fashion industry comes with hard work and a lot of tact. If you don’t know how to work […]

6 Considerations Before Pursuing a Degree in Fashion Design

Earning any kind of college degree is hard work, so you always want to be absolutely positive that you want to work in that industry. If you think that you want to pursue a degree in fashion, then you are going to have to reflect on a few things before making your final decision. Here […]

Naughty in the nighty

Buying nightwear and sleepwear from the offline stores keeps your choice very restricted. You are always required to choose from the plain and boring collection which has no scope of experiment and naughtiness into it. Yes, being naughty is not a curse anymore. Why not? Everyone has the right to be naughty and bold whenever […]

Top 10 jewelry Websites

Karus Chains, the online retailer that specializes in gold chains for men, has published new research that identifies the top 10 jewelry websites as well as the top 10 jewelry accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. The main findings are: Tiffany is the number 1 jewelry brand on social media with more followers […]


A heartbroken soul, making a sweeping exit with the rains pouring down dramatically to drown your woes or feeling deeply in love with someone and the drops of the rain doing pitter-patter all around, all these situations are like synonyms to monsoon and people in love. It’s like the sound of the downpour has its […]